Welcome to Bunnik Tours


We're thrilled to have been named the Best Tour Operator - International at the 2019 AFTA National Travel Industry Awards. We're committed to delivering the best experience to you and this recognition means so much to us!

When Marion Bunnik started Bunnik Tours, Australia didn’t need another tour company - it needed a better way of touring!

In an industry dominated by large multinationals and mass tourism, Bunnik Tours stands alone. With over 20 years experience, our aim is simple, to provide a better way for Australians to see the world. 

We do this by creating a series of unique holiday experiences:

  • Small group tours of no more than 20, specifically designed for Australian travellers to capture the essence of the places we visit.
  • Tours that provide the perfect balance between organised sightseeing and free time for independent discovery.
  • Holidays that visit the famous attractions but also wander off the tourist trail.
  • Complete and stress-free tour packages that include airfares and no unexpected costs. 

We have always been a family of travellers at heart, exploring the world around us with equal parts wonder, good humour and curiosity. As a family business we understand that our family’s name and reputation is at stake every time we sell a holiday. That’s why we’re proud to call these tours our own.  

In creating our small group tours, we are driven by two guiding principles. First, everything we do is about your experience, which is why we only run tours with a maximum of 20 people—less time waiting, more time exploring. Second, when done properly, tourism can be an incredible force for good that generates economic and social benefits in the places we visit.

Our itineraries are crafted to really get to the heart of all that a destination has to offer through a balance of organised sightseeing, special local experiences and time for independent exploration. We know that some of the best experiences are when you wander away from the group and make your own discoveries.

More than a checklist, our small group tours connect people, places and cultures, which is an important connection that helps to break down barriers, creates lifelong memories and, best of all, shares the benefits of tourism with all.

Discover our passion for this incredible planet and its inhabitants, and experience your tour the ‘Bunnik Way’!

Happy travelling!

Dennis, Marion & Sacha Bunnik